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Google Earth App., the best map in the world supported by many features.

Google Inc.

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Google Earth Application, Provided by the giant Google Inc. is considered the most powerful app. in terms of the clarity of maps and positioning accuracy using the (GPS).

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Alaa Ibraheem
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Google Earth Application, is considered the most famous maps and global positioning applications in the world, and since the first edition of the app. in 2001 when it was named (earth viewer 3D) the app. has a good reputation because it helps its users finding their way around the world as a free tour guide, the multi language app. work with more than forty languages from around the world, the app. has a lot of features such as:

  • You can determine your position on the globe with a touch using the (GPS) technology or using the internet connection, in case you want to need more accurate result you should use both the GPS technology and an internet connection at the same time.
  • The application enables you to view the all roads and streets with its names and it also enables you to view all important landmarks around the world, using the application features enables you to have your free tourist guide on your smart phone at all times.
  • The application is rich with pictures of cities from around the world, always identifying the city that you are viewing and summon its pictures automatically and view them in the app.
  • You can download the maps of the cities that you always view and check them out even without an internet connection using only GPS.
  • The application offers you some tutorials about how to use it in case you have no idea how to use it.
  • The application is providing massive database containing the names of all cities and towns around the world ready to be search for.
  • You can take pictures of the places that you are displaying and share the screenshots using the social network apps. or via bluetooth directly from the app.
  • There is a compass to help you navigate the maps.

Navigate the world using the giant Google Earth application.

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