Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream League Soccer 2020

The amazing soccer game for Android

First Touch Games Ltd.

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The amazing soccer game for Android
Build your dream team, build the stadium of your dreams, get the best players, and participate in tournaments to win trophies with the awesome game Dream League Soccer 2020.

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DescriptionFootball, the famous alternative to PES and FIFA games.The best football game for mobile devicesBuild your dream teamDream League SoccerThe amazing soccer game for AndroidPlay and compete with Dream League SoccerThe DLS mobile soccer gameDream League Soccer 2023 to build the dream team in football.EA Sports FIFA for AndroidProfessional football gaming experienceThe famous football game PES 2021 for AndroidThe 2022 edition of the famous football game PES.The famous soccer game eFootball 2023The famous football game eFootball™ 2024The best soccer game from EA!Free Kick Challenge Online GameGolden Manager Football GameLead your team and be the best coach in the world.The best football game on AndroidUnmatched realistic Soccer on AndroidThe popular soccer game PES for AndroidThe official club management game from PESThe famous football game is Real Football.Choose your team members carefully and compete to win in the exciting football match.Play Football and lead your team to victory.Start your professional career and become the most famous football player.Game of reviving famous football goals.Highlight your football skills with your feet.New football game from Miniclip.You can now become the best coach in the world.
The good
    • Great graphics and user interface.
    • Excellent gameplay and control.
    • Ability to manage the team and trade players.
    • Ability to play the game offline with friends via the WiFi.
    • Ability to create and customize your own team.
    • Ability to participate in championships and various leagues to win rewards and trophies.
    • It can be played offline.
      • Availability of specialized trainers.
      • Getting new players using several methods.
      • Different modes for playing online or offline.
      • Great graphics.
      • Playing football matches in various modes.
      • The ability to play in local network with friends.
      • Beautiful player control methods during matches.
      • Many diverse competitive modes.
      • Play with friends over the Internet or Wi-Fi.
      • Play with licensed players and add them to your team.
      • Customize the team's kits and logo to your liking.
      • Improving the artificial intelligence for player movements.
      • Engaging in a beautiful storyline to build the dream team.
      • Customizing the club with many options.
      • Supporting competition online or offline.
      • A football game with high reality.
      • Excellent way of control on smart Android phones.
      • Free for everyone.
      • Significant improvement in the ball movement and control commands.
      • Support for several different match modes.
      • Support for two gameplay modes.
      • Play against friends via Bluetooth.
      • Improved gameplay mechanics and responsiveness.
      • Great realism in player movement on the field.
      • Playing matches in a variety of available modes.
      • Fantastic and diverse methods for player recruitment.
        • Improvements to gameplay and effects.
        • More copyrighted players and clubs.
        • Compete in many types of tournaments.
        • Many ways to control players.
        • Major improvements in player movement and intelligence.
        • The sound effects of the crowd are more than wonderful.
        • Offers a variety of challenges and competitions.
        • Graphics quality automatically matches phone specifications.
                • Realistic gameplay and physics.
                • High-quality graphics.
                • Easy to control.
                • Includes international teams, clubs, and stadiums.
                • Great graphics.
                • Realistic sounds.
                • Excellent control.
                • Tournaments, transfers, auctions and upgrades.
                • Two different gameplay modes.
                • Play via Bluetooth support.
                • Legendary players such as Ronaldinho and Beckham.
                • Several game modes.
                • Support for Commentators in different languages.
                • Free.
                • Support for 2D and 3D field view during the match.
                • Many popular clubs from Europe and South America with more than 5000 real players available.
                      • Precise control methods for passes and shots.
                      • A very large number of playable stages.
                      • Can be played at any time without an internet connection.
                      • Significant improvement in graphics compared to the first part
                              The bad
                                • Only a few levels available.
                                • There are only a few levels in the game after which the game repeats itself and becomes boring.
                                  • Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the ball on the field.
                                  • All shots must be aimed manually.
                                  • All shots must be manually aimed towards the goal.
                                  • The shooting and scoring goals process is very difficult.
                                  • The shots on goal are not accurate.
                                  • Requires Internet connection during playing.
                                  • Commentators are not supported for every language.
                                  • Some clubs' logos are incorrect.
                                  • Continued lack of Arabic interface support in the game.
                                  • Requires an internet connection even when playing on a local network.
                                    • The game size is very large and takes up a lot of storage space.
                                    • The game still does not support the Arabic interface.
                                    • Difficulty in buying high-quality players.
                                            • Requires Internet connectivity during playing.
                                            • The game takes a huge storage size which exceeds 1 GB.
                                            • You need to be connected to the Internet to play.
                                            • Control buttons are too large.
                                            • No offline mode, even playing via Bluetooth requires Internet connection.
                                            • The game requires a lot of storage space.
                                            • The game will slow down devices with low specs.
                                                  • You should wait for some time when your heart balance is depleted. Requests are not displayed before the stage begins.
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