The new PUBG game with its futuristic pattern


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PUBG: New State is a new generation of Battle Royale, get familiar with the new map, building's design, weapons, and technology, fight for your life in this survival game and be the only survivor.

The good
Playing in the future and new changes in weapons and vehicles.
A new map with new locations to explore.
Significant improvements in graphics and realism of battle.
Using new technology to prevent cheating in the game.
The bad
Problems in communicating with the servers.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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The New Generation of PUBG Battle Royale

After PUBG MOBILE GAME great success on all platforms, the developers decided to launch a new version with new content to push the thrill and excitement to the max.  This new game is designed to be in the future in 2051, the buildings, vehicles, and technology are all in the future time, it also includes new improvements that you will enjoy. 


There are many improvements implemented in PUBG: NEW STATEthat give the user a new thrilling experience. Here are some of the changes:

  • Playing in the future

    The new game is in 2051. All game elements are in the far future, the buildings, roads, and game styles are all in the future. Players will notice the futuristic design of buildings, roads, and new technology. 
  • New weapons and cars

    Players will get new vehicles and weapons. The players will get new future generation designed weapons and vehicles that players drive to move around the areas in the new map.  
  • A new unique map

    Players play in the future so players need a new map. A Troi map is added which contains new locations and names that players can explore and enjoy its futuristic pattern. The old map which players know and spend hours on is also included for their preference.  
  • Better graphics quality

    The developers promised to greatly improve the graphics to deliver a more realistic fighting style. The graphic enhancement will differ from a smartphone to another depending on the smartphone specs.    
  • Anti-cheating program

    This is the biggest problem the players face, cheating causes unequal chances of winning. In PUBG: NEW STATE a new program is used to prevent cheating and to give the players the same chance at winning.

Setting Your Personal Account 

In the beginning, you can choose your Google, Facebook, or guest account to register. You will go through a few steps to complete setting your account. Choose a unique username in the game, the name can't be similar to any other existing names. Choose the profile of your character: face, hair, gender, body, etc. then you are ready to battle.    

Choosing The Map and Game Mode 

Players can choose the new map Troi to explore the areas, roads, and different buildings. Players can also choose the old map Erangle. Battle Royale is the main focus in these maps, there are other modes like 4 VS 4 quick battle, training mode to try the new weapons. You can play solo or in a team and choose the player that is displayed on the screen.

Deploying Into The New Map and Collecting Weapons

The gaming style is not different in Battle Royale, in the beginning, you will be transferred to the waiting hall until the number required to start the battle is completed, then the airdrop from the plane will take place at the place chosen by the player. After that, the player starts to collect weapons and military equipment like bulletproof vests, combat helmets, etc., and then use them with high efficiency in the battle to survive until the end to be the strongest player.

Controlling Your Warrior Style

The method of controlling movement and weapons is not much different in the new game, as there are many buttons to control everything in the game, such as running, jumping, and crouching, as well as for aiming the weapon, sniping, shooting, reloading, and turning on or off the voices of the players in your team or the sound of the microphone. You can customize the places of these buttons manually as desired from the game settings with ease.

Features of PUBG: NEW STATE 

  • Bringing the Battle Royale games to a new level.
  • Playing in the future in 2051 with new technologies.
  • Significant improvements in graphics, and gameplay and effects are far more realistic.
  • A new map is added to the battle royale mode to explore.
  • Change the look of weapons and vehicles to reflect the future in the game.
  • New technology to prevent cheating and give equal opportunities to all players.
  • A better style to control the movement and game options.
  • Play in the battle royale mode or the quick match.
  • A special mode for training in controlling and using weapons.

You can download the new PUBG to try the new generation of battle royale in the new map PUBG: NEW STATE in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button in the game.

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