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MEmu is another Android emulator added to the family of emulators currently on the market. This software allows users to easily run Android apps and games on Windows computers. MEmu is packed with features like the ability to take screenshots and videos, share files, and map buttons on the keyboard. Download MEmu the Android emulator from the Downzen app store.

The good
Free and easy to use.
Ability to take screenshots and videos.
Ability to map on-screen buttons to the keyboard.
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Ammar Kurd
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When comparing UI, MEmu is very similar to Nox, the two emulators are products of Chinese companies.

MEmu performance

Downzen team tried so many emulators for that reason we feel comfortable judging them, MEmu passed our scrutiny test for emulators. It is fast, we can change the version of Android, create screenshots and videos and easily share files with the host OS. For all these reasons, we recommend MEmu as a fully capable Android emulator.

Keyboard mapping

Some apps, and especially games, require the user to simultaneously click on the screen in several places, but doing it on a PC with the mouse is almost impossible. For this reason, MEmu has the ability to add buttons to the screen and map them on the keyboard and there are different types of buttons:

  1. Single key.
  2. Steering wheel.
  3. Right attack.
  4. Left shoot.
  5. Skillshot.
  6. Crosshair.

These buttons are meant to emulate different screen presses situations. 

To access, the list of buttons click on the keyboard symbol on the right of the emulator, then you can easily add buttons to the screen with a single click.

File sharing

MEmu allows the user to share files between the emulator and the host OS, MEmu creates four different folders automatically (sound, videos, photos, and downloads) these folders can be used to share files. The user can easily access these folders using a dedicated button on the right side of MEmu main window.

If the user needs to install an APK file in MEmu there is a more direct way to do it rather than sharing the APK file first, in the right side there is an APK button, this button enables the user to locate an APK file in the host then automatically start to install it.

Video and screenshots

One of the best features of this emulator is the ability to make a video recording or take a screenshot, this feature is great for people who create video tutorials about Android or its apps. To access these two features click on the three dots symbol on the right then click on the scissors symbol for screenshots or the camera symbol for video recording.

MEmu features

  • Free software with a nice UI.
  • Ability to play Android games on PC.
  • Android version can be changed.
  • Open apps are organized into tabs for easy access.
  • Very responsive and does not hang.
  • Ability to take videos and screenshots.
  • Ability to map buttons to the keyboard.
  • Sharing files between the host and the emulator.
  • GPS simulation.

Download MEmu the Android emulator software

To get the latest version of MEmu 8.0.8 with a direct and fast link via Downzen, just click the download link on this page.

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