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LDPlayer emulates a fully functional Android operating system on top of Windows systems. It almost runs any Android games and apps, with the ability to customize keyboard buttons and map them to the buttons on the screen.

The good
Free and easy to use.
Ability to customize RAM and the number of CPU cores.
Ability to take screenshots and record videos.
The bad
Not possible to choose the Android version when creating a new emulator.
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Ammar Kurd
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Emulate Android Apps on PC

LDPlayer offers a great Android emulator, as it allows you to run Android apps and games on PC, provides a comfortable and easy-to-use environment to run your favorite apps on PC, and is considered by many as the best Android Emulator for PC.

The main function of the program

It completely simulates the Android system on top of the Windows system, so that games and apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and your computer will become as if you own an Android device.

Installing the program on Windows

You can download LD Player for PC with a fast and direct link, the installation file size is small, but it is a tool that downloads the full program installer.

You will wait some time for the download process to finish, and then the program will be installed automatically on Windows.

System requirements to run LDPlayer

The program does not require strong specs to run on a PC, and it needs the following minimum requirements:

Minimum system specs:

ProcessorIntel or AMD Processor 32-bit or 64-bit.
Storage space36 GB.
Virtualization TechnologyEnabled

Recommended system specs:

ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5 5th Generation.
Disk space100 GB.
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

LDPlayer's interface

The first thing that the user will notice is the neat design of the program interface.

By default, the screen of an Android tablet is emulated, and this matches the way the computer displays the programs on a desktop.

Familiarize yourself with the emulator interface

In the program interface, there are important elements, with the Android screen occupying most of the screen, on the side, there is a vertical bar containing tools, and below it is the back, the menu, and the apps buttons that are functioning just like on an Android device.

Screen customization

Just like on Android devices, you can customize the screen, by arranging apps and games in folders or changing the theme for many beautiful themes.

Running apps in the emulator

By downloading LDPlayer, you can run all Android apps and games on the PC, with the ability to play games that require high performance devices, such as CoD mobile and PUBG Mobile.

The big screen gaming experience will be more thrilling and has more clear details.

Get apps

Via the Google Play Store, you can get thousands of games and apps to run on the emulator, just enter your Google account and play what you want directly and enjoy the big screen experience.

Apps tabs

The emulator relies on tabs layout to move between apps, each app you run will be on its own tab, and this makes it easier for the user to quickly access any open app.

How to map keyboard keys on LDPlayer

If you ever used emulators such as Nox and MEmu then using LDPlayer will not be a problem for you, since they are a lot similar in both the UI and performance.

Hence, mapping keyboard keys to on-screen buttons is the same, first, you need to click on the keyboard icon (Keyboard mapping) as shown in the figure below.

Next, a list of available sweep and swipe patterns is displayed, as shown in the figure below.

After selecting the desired button, place it on the screen in the area where you want it to interact when the keyboard key is pressed.

Button options include:

  1. Simple touch.
  2. Repeat touch actions.
  3. Move control.
  4. Control view with the right button.
  5. 3D view control.

In addition to a number of other buttons customized for FPS games.

The toolbar in LD Player 

In the emulator interface, there is a bar that includes a set of useful tools. The program provides everything the user needs when dealing with the emulator.

Install apps from an APK file

An easy way to install apps and games to the LDPlayer Android emulator is by having APK files for apps and games.

Choose the files you want to install and they will be added directly to the emulator.

Screenshots and video recording

LDPlayer can take screenshots and record videos right from the emulator screen.

This feature is very convenient for content creators and YouTubers who are interested in making videos about the Android world.

To take a screenshot, you need to click on the scissors icon on the toolbar, and to record a screen video, you need to click on the camera icon on the toolbar as it appears in the figure below.

The screenshots and videos are saved on the disk, you can access the folder containing them by clicking on "View".

Customization options

If you like to customize the emulator in your own style, there are plenty of options that can be made from the settings, and allow you to tweak the performance, design, and much more.

  • Performance control:

    The emulator allows you to choose the overall performance level, by controlling screen quality and processor usage limits, as well as determining the size of RAM and the way computer space is being used up.
  • Games settings:

    To choose the appropriate frame rate with support for 120 frames per second, in addition to advanced options about the quality of details in games, there is also a section for PUBG Mobile game options.
  • Quick shortcuts:

    Shortcuts help in executing commands very quickly, the user can select buttons on the keyboard to perform different functions.

Multiple emulators at the same time

LDPlayer supports the ability to create multiple emulators (more than one emulator at the same time), each new emulator you create runs as a standalone Android device, with the ability to run concurrent emulators or more than one emulator at the same time.

Creating a new emulator

When creating a new emulator, you will have two options, one of which is to create a new emulator or create a copy of an existing emulator.

If you create a copy, you must close the original emulator first.

Managing multiple emulators

After creating more than one emulator you can manage them with several options, the settings of each emulator can be modified separately.

Emulators can be renamed to distinguish them from each other, with the ability to run more than one emulator next to each other at the same time.

LDPlayer Android emulator features

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Ability to map keyboard keys to on-screen buttons.
  • Ability to record videos and take screenshots.
  • Runs all sort of Android apps and games without any complications.
  • Very responsive and fast.
  • Ability to set the number of CPU cores and RAM usage.
  • Get apps from the App Store or APK files.

You can get LDPlayer 4.0.81 latest version to run Android apps and games on your PC, by downloading it for free from Downzen by visiting the download section on this page.

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