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Android emulator for Windows
Droid4X emulates Android 4.2.2 on Windows machines. This emulator has a lot of features such as integrated screenshot capability, keyboard mapping, virtual GPS, and file sharing. Download Android emulator on Windows by clicking the download button on this page.

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No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!

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Nox APP Player

DescriptionRuns Android apps and games on computerEnjoy Android games on your PCAndroid emulator for WindowsAndroid emulator for developersAndroid games and apps playerRun Android apps on WindowsAndroid Experience On WindowsAndroid emulator on WindowsRun Android apps on your PC
The good
  • Runs most of Android apps and games on a Windows computer.
  • Accurate control of Android games.
  • Enjoy Android apps on larger screens and higher performance.
  • Native Android experience supports multi-tasking.
  • Google Play Store integration.
  • Free software.
  • Free.
  • Awesome UI.
  • Ability to map buttons to the keyboard.
  • Virtual GPS location.
      • Accurate emulation of many Android devices.
      • Availability for many devices as templates.
      • Ability to take screenshots and record videos.
      • Smart Android emulator that runs most apps and games on PC.
      • Easy to use.
      • Freeware and available for everyone.
      • Free and easy to use.
      • Ability to change RAM and the number of CPU cores.
      • Ability to take screenshots and record videos.
      • Free and easy to use.
      • Does not consume resources.
      • Keyboard mapping.
      • Capability to take screenshots.
      • Free and easy to use.
      • Ability to take screenshots and videos.
      • Ability to map on-screen buttons to the keyboard.
      • Free and easy to use.
      • Support for gamepads and joysticks.
        The bad
        • While running, performance of older computers may suffer.
        • Screen recording is not supported.
        • The user can't change the Android version.
        • It crashed a lot when we tried it.
            • Free for personal use only.
            • Difficult to install Google tools including Google Play.
            • High on computer resources consumption.
            • None.
            • The software is no longer supported, so there are no updates.
            • There is no built-in video recording capability.
            • Keyboard mapping patterns are limited.
            • None.
            • High-RAM usage.
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